Mould Components & Shop Supplies

  • Mould Components & Shop Supplies
  • Mould Components & Shop Supplies
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  • Components

    IEM Mould Pins and Self-Lube Bushings Self-Lube Gib Assemblies Wear Plates, Wear Strips Die Springs, Urethane AMPCO 18 Aluminum Bronze Hi-Case Shafting, Precision Ground Beryllium Copper, Brass Brass & Steel Pipe Plugs Eyebolts Sae & Metric Safety Swivel Hoist Rings 0-1 Flat Ground Drill Rod W-1/0-1 AMPCO 940/945, Core Pins Ejector Pins, Sleeves
  • Polishing Supplies

    Emery Cloth, Sheet & Rolls Diamond Compound & Files Riffler, Needle, Swiss & Hand Files Felt Bobs, Wheels & Sheets MX Polishing Wheels Boride Stones, Holders Hand Grinders, Dumores Dotco Air Grinders & Drills Foredom Handpieces, Acc. Flexible Shafts, Motors, etc Wire and Bristle Brushes Cerrobend Low Melt Alloy Diprofil Reciprocating Filers Artco Handpieces & Parts
  • Accessories & misc

    Slide Rust Preventatives, Cleaners Mould Releases, Degreasers Tapping/Cutting Fluids, Coolants Layout Dye and Removers CNC Endmill Holders, Adapters Clamps, Studs, T-Nuts, etc Steel Stamps, Reg. & Reverse Deckel Grinders, Parts Lead Wire, Shim Stock Chain Slings, Hoists Trolleys, Chain Hoists Micrometers, Calipers Collets, Drill Sleeves Lifting magnets & Chucks
  • Abrasives

    PSA Disc, Strips Rolls Dressing Sticks Polishing Stones Mounted Points Utility Rolls, Carbo Grinding Wheels Boat Stones, Roughouts Blanchard Segments Diamond Wheels Flap Wheels Sandblast Media
  • HSS cutting tools

    Endmills, Cobalt & HSS, Nachi Spade Drills & Holders Twist Drills, HSS & Carbide Tipped Reamers, Straight, Taper Shank, Shell Bandsaw Blades HSS & Coated Taps, R&N, Blue Wizard, Nachi Counterbores, HSS Blanks Boring Tools, Toolbits. etc Metric Mills, Taps, Reamers, etc
  • Carbide

    Engraving Blanks, Rods Gundrills, Gizmos Endmills, Countersinks Inserts, Brazed Toolbits Drills, Reamers, Carbide Tipped Carbide Burrs, Dental Burrs Indexable Carbide
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